Business Information

Some background information about Red Waves and general information if you are New to the Web.

General Business Information

Red Waves takes the worry out of the web and helps get your business on the World Wide Web. Our team is transparent and honest, we will not take on any project that we feel we can not complete to your satisfaction. Red Waves will be up front and honest with your business from the start of a project all the way to it's completion - and beyond. Our team will give you a reasonable quote and provide your business with a website that will provide a much needed presence on the web.

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday - Thursday from 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. Eastern Time
  • Saturday by appointment only.
  • Please inquire if these hours do not comply with your schedule.

Who does the work Jason Hibbets, Red Waves Owner and Web Designer, is the lead project manager for all designs. Red Waves also has a vast network of partners and consultants that we bring in during some projects to achieve the goals of the project.

What we do Communication is key! In order to provide your business with a functional website, Red Waves needs to understand what your business does, why you need a website, who your market is, and the best way to blend all that into a web design that can generate more revenue and awareness for your business. Red Waves is very flexible, creative, and enjoys learning about our clients and their business. Only then can we create the ultimate website for you and your business. Here at Red Waves, we like to understand your business and this page can help you understand ours.

Where we work from Red Waves is located in Raleigh, NC. We have many clients from the Triangle, NC area and throughout the state of North Carolina and we even have some clients outside of North Carolina. Many times, our work can be completed over the phone and via email. If you prefer face-to-face, Red Waves can make arrangements as we know this can add value to our relationship.

When websites are created Red Waves websites are created on a part time basis. Our business now has over five years of experience but the business is not a full time operation. Our clients have experienced full time, quality work for their projects. This is a part-time business for owner Jason Hibbets, but Red Waves guarantees that your business will be satisfied with your web design and web hosting.

How websites are created Red Waves understands the fundamentals of web design, web standards, and how the web operates so that your business can focus on its' goals. Red Waves generates custom HTML, PHP code, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and graphics designed with PhotoShop. We also take advantage of many web content management programs available in order to deliver a variety of solutions for your website including Drupal (Content Management) and WordPress (blogging software) to name a few.

Why we do it Red Waves is a creation of what owner, Jason Hibbets, loves doing in his spare time. He first discovered web design in college as a project for a computer class and the skill has stuck with him ever since. Using creative skills and a great eye for detail, Red Waves enjoys making websites that are user friendly, professional, organized, and appealing.

How Red Waves began Owner Jason Hibbets continued keeping his personal website, updated after graduating from NC State University. One of our first clients found the site via a function that we had posted directions for and liked what they saw. They asked us if we created websites for businesses. At the time, we did not, but we decided to venture into the entrepreneurial waters. Since then our business has grown into a formal corporation and we've worked with over 20 different clients on various projects. Learn more about our business history in the Red Waves About section.

Red Waves Logo

About the Red Waves logo The Red Waves logo was the first logo design that Jason Hibbets completed for a business. Since then, Red Waves has learned a great deal about branding and logo design. Our logo is a red wave, like a wave in the ocean, with another wave silhoutted in front of it, hence two waves - two red waves. A circle was a natural way to enclose the design. Blue waves were too common for the design and red waves are a reflection of the sun's colors during sunrise and sunset, symoblizing a beginning and an end.

New to the Web?

Are you completely new to the web and what websites can do for your business? There are certain things that are required for a website to work properly and we would like to explain some of this for you. We have compiled a list of some of the most basic things that are required to establish a web presence. Red Waves can help you every step of the way:

  • Domain Name

    A Domain Name is what people type into the URL box of a web browser in order to get to a website [Web Address]. For example, or are Domain Names.

    A brief technical exploration: When you type a Domain Name into your web browser, it is translated into an IP (Internet Protocol) Address by something called DNS (Domain Name System). There are many DNS servers located throughout the Internet and when you type in the web address it goes to this list that has Domain Names on one side paired with their IP Addresses on the other. Then it translates the Domain Name into the IP Address and directs your browser to the Web Server.

    An easy way to think about this is your mobile phone address book. When you store a number (think IP Address) as a name (think domain name), your address book is essentially translating this like a DNS server would. It's easier for you to remember someones name than it may be to remember the full telephone number.

    Some Domain Names are already in use and we need to find one that we can use for your business. Although ".com" is the most popular extension, ".net," ".org," and other extensions are available. In order to search for an available Domain Name, you can look it up in the Who Is Database.

    Red Waves can help you purchase a Domain Name for your business and we can assist with Domain Name management so that this is a seemless part of your annual invoice.

  • Web Hosting

    There are many company's that provide web hosting to businesses. In general, a domain name points to a web server that hold the site content, text, photo's, links, etc. Web services can also be configured to send/receive email and process data requests for website databases.

    Having a dedicated server or purchasing your own can be very expensive. A full-time connection to the Internet would also be required. For small businesses, like Red Waves, it is best to utilize a shared web server via a hosting company. Shared web servers allow businesses to have a website at minimal costs per month, without having to worry about the day to day administration of the server operating system or network management.

    Red Waves provides web hosting to our clients who need these services. We offer affordable rates on web hosting starting as low as $7.50 per month. And we bill annually to avoid monthly charges. For more information regarding web hosting services, please see our web hosting section.

  • Website Design

    Website Design is the main service that Red Waves provides to your business. We discuss what you want on your website, design the web pages & graphics, implement the website, then put this information on the web server. Web Design is the code (usually written in HTML / PHP) and the style to combines content, graphics, and the site layout which is interpreted by a web browser. The final result is what you see when you visit a website and a page is loaded.

    Red Waves works with your business to understand the content, words, graphics, etc. that go on your site. Our clients are responsible for developing all written content for the site. Our team helps get this content onto the website and offers training services that can teach you how to update your website when you need to.

  • Email

    When your business purchases web hosting services through Red Waves, our team can set-up email with your domain name attached to a username that you choose ( Red Waves can help you create effective email addresses, such as and set-them up for you so that you can have access to your email either via a web-based client or the client you currently use for your existing email needs.