Community Involvement

A chance for Red Waves to give back.

Pleasant Ridge & Ramsgate Community Watch

PRR-Watch Screenshot


Details: This website is completely volunteer work for Red Waves and is used as a vehicle to relay information to the community watch group in the Red Waves neighborhood. The Pleasant Ridge & Ramsgate Community Watch is a non-profit organization and uses the site to communicate with over 400 neighbors, post upcoming events, share meeting agendas & notes, and much more. Recently, we've been integrating things like Google Calendar and Google Ads.

This is also a place where Red Waves tests out business learnings like brand management, community building, and non-profit concepts. One of the most popular features from the web hosting is the mailman mailing lists or list-servers. The Pleasant Ridge & Ramsgate Community Watch has several mailing lists configured that help the organization communicate to members and the leadership.